is the team leader of the Dragonoid Assault Squad.


Jakada has yellow hair that sort of strikes out (like Rai). He wears a uniform that consists of kneepads, a blueish armor with a dragon mark in the front, and a talkie walkie. Under is armor is a black turtleneck shirt and black and grey pants. When he turns into his Dragonoid form his hair strikes out more and he grows dragon scales on his face. Since his team are all dolls it is assumed that he is too.


Jakada is your average teenager. He's reckless, bossy, and a smart-talkin'. Jakada isn't evil though, he justs wants a good fight. This is evident when he wanted to battle Luka. To make sure that Luka would battle him he made fun of Jahara and refusing to take it back unless Luka could beat him.


Tai Chi CardsEdit

His first known card was Yuhl the Heat card. After most of his team were killed, Jakata has inherited all of their cards.