Donha is a Tigeroid and member of the Tai Chi Chasers. Donha has pretty good tai chi abilities and his appetite is just as good. He is also the oldest of the group and the brute strength of the group.


English / 4KidsEdit

Donha's a big kid with huge Tai Chi powers...and an appetite that's just as big. Although he sometimes seems a little goofy, he's a brave, caring, supportive team member with a ton of heart.


Donha has a sort of sense of humor like Tori. He also has a good knowledge about tai chi cards. He is willing to put himself in danger to help his friends out, such as when he lifted a large stone to protect Rai; this action caused Rai to realize that everyone has a different side. Although he has a big appetite, when he gets serious, he loses his hunger and sticks to the hard work.


Donha is strong and tall, so he can lift people and heavy objects with ease. When a rock fell on him and Ave grew it to bigger size, he held his ground roughly, and managed to hold it up. He also has great knowledge on Tai Chi cards and can identify them without using a scanner.

Tai Chi CardsEdit

Donha's tai chi cards represent strength/defense (with the exception of Po).

Already HadEdit

  • Byeok / Wall
  • Seok / Stone
  • Po / Wrap
  • Ryeok / Strength


  • Yang / Sound (with Rai)




Voice ActorsEdit

Korean: Sa Sonun

English: Marc Thompson


Food, his team, hang out with Tori and Rai, Jahara (A Hideous Turn of Events), Rai and Sena get along, helping others


Dragonoids, Jahara (until "A Hideous Turn of Events"), Rai or Sena's tempers, Ave, unable to eat when the Dragonoids attack


  • Donha dreams of food.
  • Donha's worst nightmare is food attacking him.
  • When he can't fall asleep Donha puts a pot of flowers next to his bed to help him sleep.
  • Donha has a little brother.
  • Donha likes Jahara (as a friend)
  • He thinks all people can live together.
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