This page, Donjara, is for the supposed relationship between Donha and Jahara.

Talking about flowers


Donha's HintsEdit

Episode 18Edit

  • He was the one who brought Jahara to the Tigeroid Airship; it was his idea. Because of this, Rai has Donha become responsable of Jahara until they find a way to bring their memories back.
  • Donha tries to do laundry with Jahara. Even when Jahara makes a big mistake, Donha doesn't get mad about it, tries to show her how to do it, or he just fixes it himself.
  • He gave Jahara flowers, saying that they are very important to him because the fragrance helps him fall asleep when he can't.
  • Donha tries to protect Jahara when Ave is ordered to eliminate him and Jahara, and stands in front of her to take a blow.

Episode 24Edit

  • Donha helped bring Jahara to fight the hideous card, although this led to Garnia's demise.

Jahara's HintsEdit

Episode 18Edit

  • She decides to go water Donha's flowers because they helped her sleep during the night; while watering them, she says that the flowers and Donha are similar because they both make her happy.