Dega on his Throne

Emperor Diga is the Dragonoid Emperor. He is striving to become the Tai Chi King by retrieving all the Tai Chi 1000 for himself.



Emperor Diga wears a white robe with a long vertical stripe on it. One the sides of the red stripe are brown stripes, and on it is a star. Diga also has a long grey beard. His face is not shown yet so far because it is covered by white curtains.


Diga is a tolitarian emperor. He has a similar personality like Mishcka. Diga does not like failure, like when General Vicious failed to retrieve the Tai Chi 1000, and when they do fail, he dishes out a punishment. Diga also has a cold heart such as when he told Mishcka to leave Garnia, Jahara, and Luka in the Luftdrake to be eliminated, or when he said he didn't care about losing Ave. Diga hates people who betray him like when Mishcka stole the Tai Chi for himself.

Biography Edit


In Komorka's explanation of the Tai Chi history, the people on Suhn lived in peace before Diga became emperor. When Diga became emperor, he wanted the Tigeroid's 500 Tai Chi Characters, so he sent his troops out to battle the Tigeroids. This battle is currently going on so far in the series. However, it was reveal that before the war began, Diga was once the general at the time, who saved Rai's father from a punishment after the Tigeroid was captured by Rai's uncle known as General. However due to his unknown card, Rai's father was turned to the dark side, and with his help Diga was able to become Emperor of the Dragonoids

Tai Chi ChasersEdit

Later in the episodes, Diga appears in a mirror just to notify Mishcka and Vicious. In Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 2, he becomes a dragon.

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