Season 1 Edit

No. English Title/Korean Title Original air date American air date
01 "An Amazing Discovery"

(Korean: 화광충천 불 화)

April 29,2007 September 17, 2011
A boy named Rai remembers it is his mom's birthday, and decides to go to the city to find her something. While in town, he is challenged by an old foe and finally forced into the card stacking competition. There he first encounters the first Tigeroid, or Tai Chi Chaser, Tori. Tori has to leave the competition and by default Rai wins. Rai is walking home with the prize money when he discovers a box in an antique store. He rushes home to show her and encounters his first Dragonoid adversary, Luka. In an odd series of events Rai's home is demolished and Mother has mysteriously disappeared. Rai becomes hysterical, and the Tigeroids use the "sleep" character to knock him out. And so his adventure begins.
02 "The Chase Begins!"

(Korean: 발동 태극천자문)

May 6, 2007 September 24, 2011
Rai meets Komorka, one of the 3 Tigeroid Elders, and is brought to the Tigeroid Airship.
03 "Fitting In"

(Korean: 소문만복래 웃으면 복이 와요)

May 13, 2007 October 1, 2011
Rai struggles to adjust to life aboard the Tigeroid Airship.
04 "Friend and Foe"

(Korean: 붕우유신 우리는 친구)

May 20, 2007 October 8, 2011
Rai and Donha try to find a tai chi character card.
05 "Totally Warped"

(Korean: 난형난제 대장은 괴로워)

May 27, 2007 October 15, 2011
Rai and Sena find a spherical space surrounded by a strange aura, emmanating from a Tai Chi Character.
06 "Hidden Powers!"

(Korean: 폭발 라이의 숨겨진 힘)

June 3, 2007 October 22, 2011
The Tai Chi Chasers battle the Dragonoid robots.
07 "An Ocean of Trouble!"

(Korean: 하나를 위한 모두 모두를 위한 하나)

June 10, 2007 October 29, 2011
The chasers try to retrieve a Tai Chi card from the ocean.
08 "Opposite Day!"

(Korean: 차가운 불꽃 뜨거운 가슴)

June 17, 2007 November 5, 2011
Rai is being beat at every challenge by Finn so he gets mad and thinks that Finn has no feelings,but during the mission Rai ignores Finns warnings and uses a Tai chi which leads to Tori's disappearance. While trying to get Tori back Finn uses himself as bait so Rai can save Tori from the enemy. At the end, Rai apogizes to Finn, but doesn't give up trying to beat him.
09 "Hannah’s Back!"

(Korean: 폭풍전야 말괄량이 불청객)

June 24, 2007 November 12, 2011
Sena's sister wants to be a chaser.
10 "Fly, Rai!"

(Korean: 날아라 라이 빛의 날개로)

July 1, 2007 November 19, 2011
Sena tells Rai that there are more important things than saving his mom, but Rai gets mad and says that he quits the team. He takes a flying board and spots a enemy so he follows it and finds out there plotting to take down the ship but since he quit he doesn't care he just leaves. Rai misses his old life so he goes back to his town. There he meets up with Keith and wins a few challenges. After its over Keith asks Rai if its true that he moved to a new neighborhood which makes Rai go back and visit his house only to find that a new one was built there and a new family lives there. He then realizes that his team is his family and goes to help his team who are under attack without realizing that he was being watched.
11 "General's Daughter!"

(Korean: 부전녀전 그 아버지에 그 딸)

July 8, 2007 November 26, 2011
General Aidan, Sena's father, arrives and questions her ability to be a future Tigeroid leader.
12 "Follow the Leader"

(Korean: 좌절금지 시련은 있어도 좌절은 없다)

July 15, 2007 December 3, 2011

Sena loses confindence in her leadership skills. Meanwhile General Vicious launches a full-scale attack on the Tigeroid airship, with the help of his forbidden "Ghost" Tai Chi Character. However, Vicious fails, when Komorka uses a combination of Tai Chi Characters to create a powerful storm. The impact of the ship causes Vicious's Ghost character to wear off, and then he orders the Dragonoids to retreat. Back at the Dragonoid base, Vicious is sent back to Sunn by Emperor Diga, where he is transformed as a punishment, in order to set an example for the other Dragonoids. While Vicious is transformed into something terrible by an unknown Tai Chi Character, Duran looks on in fear, as General Vicious screams in fear and agony. Note: In the 4kids English dub version, the scene that shows General Vicious's transformation was cut, so viewers of the episode could only hear his screaming.

13 "All Together Now"

(Korean: 의기투합 모두의 마음을 합하여)

July 22, 2007 December 10, 2011

The chasers enter a forest where everything is turned gigantic, by a converging Tai Chi Character. Ave appears and attacks the chasers with a group of giant beetles, who are all under the control of Ave's control Tai Chi. However, the beetles' leader helps Rai and the others, since it escaped Ave's control caracter's power. Ave is defeated, and the beetles are returned to normal, when the chasers obtain the Tai Chi card. Komorka then leaves to meet up with the other 2 Tigeroid Elders, in order to discuss the converging characters (which are thought to be caused by Diga's actions, back in Sunn). Before leaving, Komorka declares both Rai and Sena to be the leader of the Tai Chi Chasers, until her return. Back at the Lukedrake (the Dragonoids' base on Earth), when the waiting Dragonoid team notices Ave's torn cloths and beat up condition, they asked him what happened, while Ave angrily responded by telling them not to even think about it. Then, the Dragonoid's communication portal activates, and Emperor Diga sends a new general to Earth (General Mishka), to replace Vicious. Upon seeing their new general, the entire Dragonoid team gasps in shock, including Luka, as they recognize and fear their new general. (*Episodes 12 and 13 made up the Season 1 finale.)

Season 2Edit

No. English Title/Korean Title Original air date American air date
14 "Perfect Pets"

(Korean: 완전소중 하크와 드란)

July 29, 2007 February 11, 2012
Upon seeing his new team's reaction, General Mishka, the ruthless replacement for General Vicious, sarcastically says that he was expecting a "friendlier welcome." When Ave refuses to obey General Mishka, due to his young age and small size, Mishka tortures Ave with a Tai Chi card, which magnifies the sound around Ave's ears by 10 times. Mishka then tauntingly wags his finger at Ave, while he screams in agony, until Ave gives in. Later, the dragon Duran recalls Mishka calling him a "useless reptile." Feeling useless to the Dragonoids, Duran jumps ship, and goes through a lot of city troubles, until a girl named Yuri rescues him, and calls him "Blackie." Later, Hak thinks that he doesn't belong with the chasers anymore, and feels useless to them, so Hak leaves the team. He ends up in the street like a stray cat. Later, Yuri finds him and takes him home. Yuri says she has another pet "friend" for him, but the friend is Duran. It is later revealed that both Hak and Duran used to be friends, before the current Dragonoid-Tigeroid War began. However, they quickly become friends again. Soon afterwards, both the Dragonoids and the Tigeroids figure out that their friend is missing, and start to look for them. Jahara leaves the Dragonoid ship to look for Duran. At Yuri's house both pets fight over trying to get Yuri's attention, thinking if Yuri doesn't like them much, then they will end up on the streets again. The Dragonoid Jahara finds them and tries to kill Hak. However, Duran stalls her and defends Hak, until the Chasers could rescue him, while telling Jahara about his friendship with Hak. The Tai Chi Chasers team then shows up, and Finn says that there is a Tai Chi card nearby. However, Yuri has the card, and it is the "like" card. After Rai obtains the card, Yuri runs away from both pets, feeling afraid. Then, both the Dragonoid and Tigeroid teams fight after Yuri leaves, and the Chasers win, which allows both "pets" go to their right home. For failing to kill Hak, General Mishka decides to punish Jahara, since she did not return with the Tai Chi card, but instead returned with the "pathetic creature" (Duran). Mishka coldly attacks Jahara with a powerful Tai Chi blast, which knocks her to the floor in pain. However, this angers Duran, since he believes that Jahara saved his life. Later, Jahara talks to Duran alone, telling him that she likes having him around, even though he is annoying.
15 "Road to Ruin"

(Korean: 용감무쌍 폭풍의 자매들)

August 5, 2007 February 18, 2012
General Mishka crashes a Tigeroid Airship all by himself, using his Tai Chi cards. Afterwards, he collects all of the Tai Chi Characters on the downed ship. He then begins questioning his new team about why they cannot defeat the Tai Chi Chasers, because Mishka considers the Chasers to be a "rag tag team of Tigeroids." Later, Hannah calls Sena and tells her that the family is having another reunion. Sena is upset by this. When Rai asks why, Tori says that when Sena's sisters get together, it's not a reunion, it's war. The chasers are about to split up to find the Tai Chi Character, the sisters show up and tells the kids to go back to the ship, so they can find the card themselves. Rai says they are not leaving so it turns into a race to find the tai chi card first but the chasers are at disadvantage because the place is bobby trapped, but during the challenge the sisters are trapped by Ave and the chasers have to save them. After that the teams start to work with each other instead of against each other. For failing, Ave is sent back to Sunn by General Mishka, to revieve punishment.
16 "Scream of a Dream"

(Korean: 일장춘몽 꿈같은 시간이여)

August 12, 2007 February 25, 2012
During the mission the "dream" tai chi is activated which traps people in their greatness dreams and traps everyone in the town in their dreams from which they won't wake up from including some off the dragonoid troops. the chasers use a bubble to stop the tai chi affecting them but when the bubble bursts Rai ends up seeing Tori's,Sena's and Donha,s dreams.Rai is unaffected because he has the bubble making card and tries to snap them out but it doesn't work. Finn is the only other one unaffected because he says he doesn't have dreams. Hawk calls Rai and tells him that everyone dreams will turn into there nightmares and then the cards absorbs everyone's nightmares and there dreams will become real. A a Krmera shows and Rai loses the bubble card and Finn is the only one left unaffected but the tiger masked women comes and snapes Rai out of his dream and gives him the card to stop the dream tai chi.
17 "A Tori Story"

(Korean: 도대체 구글은 번역을 사용하지 말아)

August 19, 2007 March 3, 2012
The Tai Chi Chasers visit the orphanage where Tori grew up, only to discover that his young friends think Tori's a world-renowned super-star. To make matters worse, the "sad" Tai Chi Character converges during Tori's performance, making everybody sad except for Tori, even as Garnia attacks, with his new "slow" Tai Chi card. Because of this, only Tori is able to stop the convergence and retrieve the card. Refusing to give up, Tori manages to stop the convergence, and is able to obtain the Tai Chi Character. This causes everybody to stop crying, although they can't remember what they were so upset about. After obtaining the character, Rai's attack set's Garnia's "skirt" on fire, after tossing him over the orphanage boundary, causing Garnia to retreat in a panic. Believeing all of this to be part of the performance, Tori's friends cheer him on, and ask him to continue his songs, which the Chasers secretly believe need improvement.
18 "A Hideous Turn of Events"

(Korean: 도대체 구글은 번역을 사용하지 말아)

August 26, 2007 March 10, 2012
The Tai Chi Chasers come across a card that erases memories and everyone but Rai and Donha are affected. Meanwhile Ave returns to the dragonoids, but he has been controlled by General Mishka, using the forbidden Mong "monster" Character. This warps Ave, which greatly enhances his strength, but turns him into a monster. When Ave asks Jahara to hand over the Tigeroids' characters, she replies that she left them alone, because of what Mishka had done to Ave. As a result, Mishka orders Ave to kill both Rai and Jahara. The Tigeroids are unable to defeat Ave for long, and Rai is knocked out of the Tigeroid Airship. However, Rai is able to obtain the character and stop the convergence, which shocks General Mishka. Jahara manages to send both herself and Ave back to their base, while using the Tai Chi Yeon "smoke" Character to cover their retreat. For "treason" General Mishka decides to punish Jahara, despite Luka's protests. Before her punishment, Jahara asks Luka to remember her. Then, Jahara cries out in dismay, at the character Mishka uses on her, for "punishment."
19 "A Fleeting Friendship"

(Korean: 오월동주 혼란 속에 핀 우정)

September 2, 2007 March 17, 2012
At the Lukedrake, General Mishka sends Jahara (who fainted from her "punishment) back to Sunn, to revieve her real punishment from Emperor Diga. While searching for a tai chi card, both Rai and Luka get trapped in another dimension and must work together to get out, even as Ave attacks them.
20 "Family Time"

(Korean: 시공초월 그리운 엄마 아빠)

September 9, 2007 March 24, 2012
During a battle with Ave, The "time" Tai Chi card converges, sending the Tai Chi Chasers into the past. While Donha, Finn, Tori, and Hak are sent back to prehistoric times, Rai, Sena, and Ave were not send back as far in time, and they meet Rai's parents. Ave continues to attack Rai and Sena. Kirva, Rai's father, shows Rai an incomplete painting depicting a fighting Tiger and Dragon. At the end, Rai's father, is able to use his special Xin ("caring") Tai Chi card, to reverse the monstrous Mong character controlling Ave (Rai's father was able to activate the character without a card activater, just like Rai), just before the "Mong" Character destroys Ave's body completely. When Ave snaps out of his confusion and tries to take the Time card, it converges again, and sends the Tai Chi Chasers back into the present, with the Time card in the possession of Rai. However, Ave is transformed into a child by the converging Time character, and seems to remember nothing about being a Dragonoid. In the present-day run-down house of Rai, Kirva's painting now shows the Tai Chi King, in between the fighting Dragon and Tiger.
21 "Misfit Marauders"

(Korean: 예측불허 용황돌격대)

September 16, 2007 March 31, 2012
The Tai Chi Chasers enter a secret base and meet other tigeroids. Meanwhile, the Dragonoid Emperor Diga sends his dragon assault squad to deal with the Tigeroids.
22 "A Chilling Reunion"

(Korean: 한래서왕 설원에 피어나는 온기)

September 23, 2007 April 7, 2012
The Tai Chi Chasers obtains the Tigeroid's final Tai Chi Character (except for the Characters that General Mishka captured in Episode 15): Suh, the Tigeroids' "heat" character. This allows them to stop a convergence that would have cooked an entire city. Then, they must escort Elder Sid to the Sage's conference, but on their way there, the Tai Chi Chasers are attacked by Luka and Garnia. Jahara also returns, but she is now under the control of the Mong "hideous" character that General Mishka has inflicted on her. As a result, she now attacks both the Tigeroids and the Dragonoids.
23 "Operation Dragon Strike!, Part 1"

(Korean: 정면돌파 루프트드라케 공격 작전)

September 30, 2007 April 14, 2012
The Tai Chi Chasers must find a way to take down the Lightening Shield surrounding the Lukedrake (The Dragonoid base on Earth), despite the intense lightening protecting the shield generator. Also, the Dragon Assult Squad begins attacking the Tigeroids' Airships.
24 "Operation Dragon Strike!, Part 2"

(Korean: 살신성인 아름다운 전우애)

October 7, 2007 April 21, 2012

The Tigeroids begin their attack on the Dragonoid base, the Lukedrake. However, entering the Lukedrake turns out to be a death trap, set up by both Emperor Diga and General Mishka.

25 "Out of Character"

(Korean: 풍전등화 비밀기지를 사수하라)

October 14, 2007 April 28, 2012
After the Tigeroids manage to escape the Lukedrake, they receive a call from their base, signaling that it is under attack. However, the Tigeroid Airships won't be able to make it back to the unprotected base, even at maximum speed. However, Tori uses his "fast" Tai Chi card on the Chasers' Airship, allowing it to move way ahead of the other Airships. However, it is too late, since the Dragonoids Jakata and Dag have already entered the base, and began attacking, while moving directly towards the base's Character chamber. When the Tai Chi Chasers finally get to the secret Tigeroid base, Tori passes out from using his fast card too many times, and the Tigeroid airship is attacked by Terra and Lita. The Tigeroid Airship crashes from the loss of its main engine, which prevents them from getting to the Tigeroid base. Sena and Donha stay behind to deal with Terra and Lita, while Finn and Rai head to the base. Meanwhile, Komorka manages to stall Jakata and Dag, by trapping them with the Ahm "darkness" card. However, when Hannah shows up, Jakata manages to capture them, which forces Komorka to release the Dragonoids from her Darkness card, and bring them to the Character Chamber. When Jakata notices the chamber is empty, he demands to know where Komorka hid them, until he finds the Tai Chi Characters disguised, as Hannah's bow tie, which they manage to steal. At that time, Rai comes into the room and fights Jakata, while Dag escapes with the Tai Chi Characters, without notice. Rai manages to injure Jakata severely, before chasing after Dag. Outside the base, Sena and Donha manage to defeat Terra and Lita, reverting them into dolls. Back inside the base, Finn is fighting the Dragonoid robots when he sees Dag fly by, taking the robots with him. Rai uses the woo/wing card to give chase after Dag, even though Komorka warns him not to. As Rai leaves, Jakata escapes in a bad condition, and vows that the fight isn't over yet. Rai manages to get past the Dragonoid robots, and confronts General Mishka himelf. Mishka uses the Yi "Movement" card to evade Rai's attacks, and then tells Rai the will fight him another time. Unfortunately, the Dragonoids manage to get away. Later, General Mishka defeats Dag (which reverts him into a doll), when he does not immediately give Mishka the Tigeroids' Tai Chi Characters. Mishka then laughs, saying that he now has both the Dragonoids' and the Tigeroid's Characters, which makes him close to becoming the Tai Chi King. Back at the Tigeroid base, Rai is placed under arrest, due to an accusation of being a Dragonoid spy, as the Tigeroids have observed Rai using the "Wing" card, which is a Dragonoid card which only a Dragonoid should be able to use.
26 "Gate To Destiny"

(Korean: 자중지란 친구인가 적인가)

October 21, 2007 May 5, 2012

General Mishka returns to Sunn, in order to begin his conquest of the Universe. When he arrives, 2 Dragonoid ships begins to chase after him. However, General Mishka uses his newly gained Tai Chi Characters to crash both ships, since he knew that Emperor Diga now knew about his plan to become the Tai Chi King. Lord Gelba (Diga's personal guard) then informs Emperor Diga of Mishka's betrayal. As a result, Diga flies into a rage, and orders Gelba to hunt Mishka down and retrieve the lost Characters, using whatever means necessary. Meanwhile, Rai is accused of being a Dragonoid spy and sentenced to petrification, by the Tigeroid Elder Pyron. However, the other chasers manage to help Rai escape, along with help from the Masked Tigeroid. When Elder Pyron discovers that the Tai Chi Chasers were helping Rai escape, via the security cameras, he orders his Tigeroid soldiers to arrest them all. The other Tigeroids also try to help the chasers escape (secretly), minus those under the command of Elder Pyron. The chasers all head to the Gate Room, because that is the only way they can escape to Sunn, to stop General Mishka. Meanwhile, the Masked Tigeroid sets a fire in the main generator room, which temporarily distracts Pyron. Along the way, Hannah tricks a squad of Pyron's soldiers into running down the wrong hallway, which prevents the chasers from being caught. However, Elder Pyron and his soldiers manage to catch up to the chasers, in the Gate Room. There, Elder Komorka convinces Elder Pyron (the only elder who believes Rai to be guilty) to let Rai and the Tai Chi Chasers go. Rai and the other chasers then escape to the Tigeroid/Dragonoid homeworld of Sunn, through the activated portal. (*Episodes 23-26 made up the Season 2 finale on Toonzai.)

Season 3: Adventures in SuhnEdit

No. English Title/Korean Title Original air date
27 "Welcome to Suhn"

(Korean: 천방지축 괴짜 소녀 비비)

October 28, 2007
With the help of the old dynasty has sent care of the door Taeguek to prevent the help from Hak to find the king of the island of the spirits. Meanwhile the heads of the dragonoids has sent a search group to find Jakata which was to assist the search team or he will became a doll but he refused because he wants to get revenge and decided to find it's own way. And on the island of the spirits appears Phoebe a dragonoid girl with the Fa Flower character. Leaving a warning from her tutor saying that they should get now for the future and not let it go away. Phoebe leaves and Rai goes after her wanting to know were's the Tai Chi King but he's suddendly attacked a group of monsters. Then Phoebe appears and the monsters became docile as pets and they started to obey Phoebe. Currently the animals were nice but the things were changing. Lately Rai discovers that Phoebe has his activator.The forest fires on the other side of the island concern Phoebe for her animal friends and Rai starts worrying about his teammates and follows Phoebe. Suddendly went both are in the forest they find entirely vegenful Jakata. 
28 "Tai Chi Racers!"

(Korean: 기상천외 로로아 장로배 달리기 대회)

November 4, 2007
 The chasers is having a running contest. Who is gonna win?
29 "The Incident"

(Korean: 용호상박 멀고도 가까운 사이)

November 11, 2007
 Phoebe made a big mistake that can't be undone so Rai gets Angry at her.
30 'Tournament of Chasers'

(Korean: 막상막하 천자문 경연 대회)

November 18, 2007
The tigeroids and dragonoids from suhn are having a tournament.
31 "Chasernapped!"

(Korean: 와신상담 쟈카타의 대반격)

November 25, 2007
 Phoebe has been kidnapped by Jakata and Rai must save her in time before it's to late.
32 "Showdown Against Mischka"

(Korean: 점입가경 정령왕 동굴에서의 결전)

December 2, 2007
 The Chasers found Mischka and challenge him to a showdown.
33 "Secret Warrior Revealed"

(Korean: 마각노출 가면전사의 정체)

December 9, 2007
 The tigeroid warrior Reveals her face to Rai so he can see it's really his mother, Laura, She has been a warrior before Rai was born.
34 "After the Legacy"

(Korean: 견리망의 여기저기 배신자)

December 16, 2007
 Suhn is falling apart By Emperor Diga. In the chasers point of view, Sena sees her 3 older sisters again so they can apologize.
35 "Temple Trap"

(Korean: 인지상정 우정와 운명 사이)

December 23, 2007
 After Finn turned evil, he and the chasers ran into the Temple of Suhn,.
36 "A Double Twin"

(Korean: 역지사지 호족과 용족의 정의)

December 30, 2007
 Rai and the others meet the Kids in Suhn.
37 "Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 1"

(Korean: 교우이신 믿음으로 지킨 우정)

January 6, 2008
 Finn, Jakata and Jahara start a war against the tigeroids.
38 "Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 2"

(Korean: 혈육의 정 아버지와 아들)

January 13, 2008
 When the war was paused Rai realized is last name was Gherba, Meanwhile, Emperor Diga has escaped from Lord Gherba's Trap, while Luka and Phoebe saved Rai's mom.
39 "Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 3"

(Korean: 태극왕 선계의 평화여 영원하라)

January 20, 2008
 After Emperor Diga Became tai chi king, The war continues and all tigeroids and good dragonoids are fighting, If they don't destroy Emperor Diga in time, the world will be destroyed.