Luka and jahara

Jahara and Luka in Jahara's dream

This is a page about the supposed romantic relationship between Luka and Jahara.

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Luka's HintsEdit

Korean Episode 14Edit

  • In the original version Luka puts his hand on Jahara and tell her to be careful.

Episode 18Edit

  • Luka begs Meeska not to punish Jahara after she fails a mission.
  • Luka promises to not forget about Jahara after she recieves her punishment.

Episode 19Edit

  • Luka mutters Jahara's name softly when she faints.
  • Luka prepares to draw his sword at Meeska for hitting Jahara.
  • When Garnia mentions Jahara, Luka becomes quiet, and his fist secretly clenches beside him.

Episode 22Edit

  • When Duran mentions Jahara Luka leaves.
  • Luka tells Jakata to take back the ill thing he said about Jahara.
  • Luka begs Jahara to fight the hideous character.
  • Luka rushes in to save Jahara from the avalanche.

Episode 24Edit

  • Luka promises that he will find a way to help Jahara free from the hideous character
  • Luka again tries to reason with her.
  • Luka asks what happening to Jahara when she fight the hideous character.
  • Luka is last seen carrying Jahara out of the Luftdrake.

Jahara's HintsEdit

Episode 16Edit

  • Jahara's secret crush on Luka is exposed when in the dream field, dreaming that Luka says that he loves her.
  • Jahara dreams of dancing and going out to dinner with Luka.
  • Jahara states that knowing that Luka loves her makes her happier then she has ever been
  • Her nightmare is of him hating her.

Episode 18Edit

  • Jahara shakes her head to Luka to tell him not to try to defend her after failing her mission.
  • Jahara asks Luka to never forget her.