26. Gate To Destiny Edit

The Adventures In Suhn Series Premieres with Rai Going to the Tigeroid Prison and founded guilty for using Tai Chi Wu. If the tigeroids won't Save Rai on time, Then He would be turned into stone. So the tigeroid warrior helped Rai escaped, The Tigeroids Went through a large maze to go to Suhn. When they get to the portal in time, They Jumped in.

27. Welcome to Suhn Edit

The Chasers escaped to suhn. Rai made friends with a Dragonoid girl named Phoebe and battle Jakata! 

28. Tai Chi Racers! Edit

The chasers is having a running contest. Who is gonna win? 

29. The Incident Edit

Phoebe made a big mistake that can't be undone so Rai gets Angry at her.

30. Tournament of Chasers Edit

The tigeroids and dragonoids from suhn are having a tournament.

31. Chasernapped! Edit

Phoebe has been kidnapped by Jakata and Rai must save her in time before it's to late.

32. Showdown Against Mishka Edit

The Chasers found Mishka and challenge him to a showdown.

33. Secret Warrior Revealed Edit

The tigeroid warrior Reveals her face to Rai so he can see it's really his mother, Laura, She has been a warrior before Rai was born.

34. After the Legacy Edit

Suhn is falling apart By Emperor Diga. In the chasers point of view, Sena sees her 3 older sisters again so they can apologize for thinking Rai is a dragonoid.

35. Temple Trap Edit

After Finn turned evil, he and the chasers ran into the Temple of Suhn.

36. A Double Twin Edit

Rai and the others meet the Kids in suhn.

37. Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 1 Edit

Part 1 of 3. Finn, Jakata and Jahara start a war against the tigeroids.

38. Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 2 Edit

Part 2 of 3. When the war was paused Rai realized is last name was Gherba, Meanwhile, Emperor Diga has escaped from Lord Gherba's Trap, while Luka and Phoebe saved Rai's mom.

39. Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 3 Edit

Part 3 of 3. After Emperor Diga Became tai chi king, The war continues and all tigeroids and good dragonoids are fighting, If they don't destroy Emperor Diga in time, The world will be destroyed.