Painting Finished

Painting of the Tai Chi King

The Tai Chi King is a legend speaking of a person who holds control over all Tai Chi characters has complete power.

The emperor of the Dragonoids, Diga, is suspected to be attempting to become the Tai Chi King, while Rai is also a suspect due to his his skill and raw talent with Tai Chi.


The Tigeroids and the Dragonoids, two separate races, created the Tai Chi characters. The legend arose that whoever had possessed all of the characters became the Tai Chi King, a being with perhaps unlimited power.

Rai's HintsEdit

Episode One

  • Rai claims that the symbol on the jewlery box is familiar. It is Hwa, the fire character.
  • The first time Rai uses Tai Chi, he doesn't use an activator, which Luka says requires some skill, even though this was likely the first time Rai had seen Tai Chi in years.
    • It is likely that it activated because of Rai's grief.
    • It is also likely that it activated due to Rai being in danger.
  • Rai manages to sense where the attacks are coming from.